I am an expert Arduino programmer having more than 2 years of experience in Arduino programming and electronics product prototyping.


I will complete all Arduino-based projects and complex programming jobs. I will provide a nice and detailed circuit diagram and fully functional code. 


I can work with almost all kinds of sensors and Arduino shields. I’m an expert in using ESP8266, ESP32, Ultrasonic Sensor (Range sensor), PIR Sensor (Motion Sensor), Temperature Sensor, MPU6050 Gyro, and Accelerometer, HMC5883L Magnetometer, Humidity Sensor, Pressure Senser, IR Sensor, LDR, RF ID, Serial Monitor, etc…


I am also proficient in dealing with DC Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, LEDs, NeoPixel RGB Led strips, Relays, etc…


Note: Please discuss your project before placing an order.

Thank you.

Qasim Bin Saeed