1. softahs’s Affiliate Agreement Definitions

1.1. “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “softahs” means softahs team and its affiliates.

1.2. “You”, “Your” and “Affiliate(s)” means the business, individual or entity applying for participation in the softahs Affiliate Program, or that displays Our products, services and/or promotions on its website and/or through offline representation through the affiliate tracking code in exchange for receiving remuneration from softahs for sales and sign ups resulting from such display.

1.3. “Commission Fees” or “Commissions” – Under the Affiliate Program, subject to the terms hereof, you will be paid a Commission Fee for each Qualified sale by a Referred User that you directly referred to softahs under and in accordance with this Agreement.

1.4. “Services” means products and services that are available for sales through softahs.com.

1.5. “Trade mark” means, without limitation, softahs’s trademarks, trade names, logos, copyrights, service marks, corporate names, and any other distinctive name or brand related to Fiverr, whether registered or not.

1.6. “softahs Wbsites” means https://softahs.com and its sub-domains and/or any other website as may be added by Fiverr, at its sole discretion from time to time.

1.7. “Fraudulent Traffic” – means any deposits or traffic generated at the Affiliate Site through illegal means or in bad faith to defraud softahs, regardless of whether or not it actually causes harm to softahs. Fraudulent Traffic includes but is not limited to spam, false advertising, deposits generated by stolen credit cards, collusion, manipulation of the services, system, bonuses or promotions not approved by softahs, offers to share the Commissions, directly or indirectly, with user and any other unauthorized use of any third party accounts, copyrights or trademarks.

1.8. “Intellectual Property Rights” or “IPR” means without limitation copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets, moral rights, right of publicity, author’s right, contract and licensing rights, goodwill and all other intellectual property rights as may exist now/or hereafter come into existence and all renewals and extensions thereof, regardless such rights arise under the laws of the state of Israel or any other state, court and jurisdiction.

1.9. “Prohibited Activity” means any activity that involves, facilitates, advocates or promotes one or more of the following: (a) discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability; (b) libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or abusive activities; (c) gambling or illegal substances; (d) sedition or illegal activities; (e) false or misleading advertising; or (e) a conflict or violation of any law, rule, regulation or any intellectual property or other rights of any person, party or entity.

1.10. “Qualified sale” means a sale made by a Referred User of softahs platform . Any sale refunded, canceled, suspended or subject to chargeback will not be qualified as a Qualified sale, and shall be referred to as “Canceled sale”.

1.11. “Referred User” means each new and unique User referred directly from Affiliate through a Link provided by or approved by Us, who has opened an account on the softahs Site.

1.12. “Registration Form” means any and all order forms for enrollment, registration forms, or other signup or acceptance forms (whether online, paper, fax, or otherwise) submitted by You in order to enroll into softahs’s Affiliate Program, or, as applicable, the Referred User to make a Qualified sale.

1.13. “Sponsored Link” means a link offered, created, or displayed for a fee or any commercial arrangement by any internet search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service which uses search terms or key words to identify, draw attention to or direct internet traffic to an internet site.

1.14. “Term“means the term of this Agreement.

1.15. “Terms of Service“means softahs’s terms of service applicable to all users, as amended from time to time, available at https://softahs.com/tos/

1.16. “Tracking System” means softahs unique and specific tracking mechanism that will allow Affiliate to track the traffic and users which arrive via the Affiliate Activity (including but not limited to the Affiliate account).