Hi, dear customers. My name is Muhammad Sohaib Hassan and i am a professional graphic designer from Hassan group.

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Here are price tags for our services.

Logo design (simple) 3$

Logo design (complex) 5$ to 10$

Moving logo 5$ to 10$


Monogram logos (or lettermarks), Wordmarks (or logotypes), Pictorial marks (or logo symbols), Abstract logo marks, Mascots, The combination mark, The emblem

Thumbnail 5&.

Instagram posts, Facebook posts, whatsapp status, etc 2$ to 5$.

Short videos, or moving pictures 5$ to 8&

Poster design 10$.

other services  (according to your need)

Note Some services are not avalable yet.

Note price can be Adjusted according by contacting us. Via our email Adress.

We provide our customers with the best quality service and in minimum time.

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